Future of Work for Software Engineers

Did you know that engineering schools in U.S.A have a 63% acceptance rate as per a tech-job website, Paysa. The website also goes forward to claim that for a successful, well-paying job that has the potential to be futuristic, the dream of being a software engineer is not just a tall story

You can check out their infographic here which elaborates on how software engineering could be your gateway to the big bucks and we’re here to validate that they may not be lying about the big bucks.

But think about how many of us can leave our current jobs and focus on getting a masters? There are many who can afford to and have the bandwidth to do so but for those of us who can’t is there a way out?

According to this article on India Today, about 80% engineers are unemployed, the reason? Unmatched education with skills required for a professional life. Well, yes we’ve all discussed these gaps with our peers and harrowed on for four years only to find our worst nightmares coming true. Presently, a software engineer graduating from India, with the desire to go abroad faces competition from other countries which constantly keep upgrading their education based on the need of the hour. Additionally, the languages taught, form the base but they’re long improvised over and new languages and how to code using them have replaced them. This isn’t just us saying it to scare you, but pick up tweets and hot-takes from executives at Microsoft and the like, and you’ll find them all saying the same thing — There is a skill gap and computer science graduates must actively attempt to upgrade themselves. Heck, these guys are emphasizing that even a content writer like myself and your biologist and researcher “learn-to-code”

So, what is the way forward, should we all switch jobs? Or wait for the AI advancement to take over and stick it out till we’re finally obsolete? Too cynical, eh? Well one the most effective solution to a skill gap in any sector is experiential learning, which refers to picking up skills not in a classroom environment but on your way or while you’re also working in the sector anyway. For instance, the type of training and articleship that a doctor and a Chartered Accountant respectively, go through while they continue to study.

Basically, you could be well into your career as a software engineer doing sales at Byju’s or a fresher looking for a job and some inspiration or a student still, there’s something you can do to get an edge over your peers and find yourself on a path to making the big bucks.

How? You probably know the answer, taking up extra classes and participating in some side projects and so on. But what if we told you there is a way to learn and even get mentored in general about your career as a software engineer?

Would you still not check out lrned.io? Will you still be skeptical to earn about 1.5–3x more than the industry average within a span of 2 months? If you find all of this too good to be true, we suggest you visit — https://www.lrned.io/ and find out for yourself.

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